Building affordable, reliable networks, one relationship at a time.

Built from the simple concept of helping others, we put our knowledge and experience in the Broadband/Telecommunications industry to good use by making sure vendors are being good stewards of organization's funds.


I created careGen with the simple concept of helping others. After a combined 27 years in the Healthcare and Broadband/Telecommunications industry, I wanted to put my knowledge and experience to good use. It was very important to me to make certain that vendors were being good stewards of organization's funds and I take great pride in making our mission statement a reality.

"Building Affordable, Reliable Networks, One Relationship at a Time"

Steve Ward of careGEN telecommunications buying group


In a simple form, careGen is the representative for all of its members. careGen solicits bids and negotiates all of the procurement for Internet, New Phone Systems, Structured Cabling, Network and Data Center needs. The procurement produces multiple quotes for all available vendors and the members. From there, careGen then sits down and reviews what proposal best fits the member's needs and results in the best savings.

careGen provides a full landline phone audit and review. The audit does a deep dive into the billing and usage of the phone lines. Many non-profit organizations are being charged fees and taxes by Telecom companies that they shouldn't be charged. The auditor reviews the last three years of billing and the credits resulting from the audit are often a significant savings to the member.

careGen also works side by side with the Network teams to talk through cost saving opportunities like Hosted PBX options and tying outlying locations together and eliminating redundant network equipment and maintenance.

With over 25 years of experience, careGEN has BICSI certified technicians available who specialiize in Layer 1 Structured Cabling for Enterprise Businesses, MSO Hub and Headend sites. careGEN Group powered by Raft Integrations has well over 200 upgraded MSO HUB and Headend site installs of CMTS, Node Splits, FWD/RTN re-wire, rPHY, Ladder Racking and Fiber Troughs. We take Great Pride in doing the job right the first time at a very competitive rate and to date, we have a 100% success rate with GO Live's.

"Creating Affordable and Reliable Networks, One Relationship at a Time"


careGen understands its member’s Telecom needs and is also well versed in the fair monthly pricing model for phone and Internet and margins for the industry. CareGen’s extensive vendor relationships afford the buying power of its members to secure low wholesale rates instead of retail rates for the same or upgraded services.

"Excelsior Springs Hospital appreciates the support we have been provided from careGEN Group Inc. careGEN took the extra time to make sure we were getting reliable Internet and Phone service installed, at the most affordale rates possible"

Steve Ward of careGEN telecommunications buying group

- Cameron Meyer, CMA, CPA (Chief Financial Officer)